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About Us: Welcome
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The Way It Should Be

Dovely Bakery was founded to specialise in pure and natural products, delicious and healthy. The bread and leavened produce including buns, are all sourdough, and many of our cakes are made including sourdough starter also. This means everything is naturally leavened, with nothing artificial. Many people who find processed bread hard to digest will be able to tolerate this more easily. Quite simply, there is less to digest and less to tolerate. Evidence suggests that the long slow fermentation increases bioavailability of beneficial antioxidants, which is good for our gut microbes, therefore helping us to work on our immunity and overall health with more effectiveness. Couple this with the absolute deliciousness of Sourdough bread or toast, and you will be a convert! We take the natural ingredients one step further by including home grown organic herbs and other garden products in the bake, when available.

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Here is Alice in the microbakery filling the sourdough doughnuts with homemade raspberry jam. All pure and natural, nothing artificial in them. They are naturally leavened and egg free, they prove overnight at ambient temperature and are fast fried in rapeseed oil then rolled in granulated sugar to finish them. There is also an option to have homemade lemon curd filling.

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About Us: Welcome


Dovely Bakery Open Day 16th April 2022

Dovely Bakery had an open day! This was to invite everyone who knows us and wants to see the workings of the micro bakery to see inside, ask any questions, and find out all about micro bakery life. We hope everyone enjoyed it and found out all they needed to know about where their bread comes from and how it is made!

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The "Bread Shed." Outside the front of the Microbakery in Titchmarsh.

About Us: Welcome
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